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Can I get married in a park, at home, at the beach?
Yes, you can get married anywhere at any time. If you want to get married at a park, you should check with your local council, as to what they require you to do or what fees they may charge.

Same Sex Marriages from another Country. From 9 December 2017, same sex marriages solemised in a foreign country, considered valid in a foreign country are recognised in Australia.
My Official Documents are not in English. Your documents need to be translated. They must be translated by an official NAATI translator. 
How do I change my name after we're married?
To change your name, you'll need a Official "Standard Marriage Certificate" You can apply online to Births, Deaths and Marriages for a copy.  You will need this to change your passport, Drivers License, Bank Accounts. 
I have been married before. You will need a copy of either a Divorce Certificate or a Death Certificate or Decree of nullity. If you do not have the paperwork granting your divorce, go here. 
Can I marry in Australia if I am not a resident or citizen?  You do not have to be a Citizen or a resident to marry in Australia.
How long does a Ceremony take? Depending on the content, it generally takes less than 30 minutes but can take longer.
Do you have music for our ceremony? Yes, let me know what you would like and I can play this for you, or I will work with your nominated person to organise the music for your ceremony. 
Do you have props for ceremonies? I have an Arch, signing table, chairs, PA, Styled Lecturn and items for naming ceremonies and rituals. Which can be used in your ceremony. 
Shortening of Time, go here
Are you covered by Insurance? Yes, I have current Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability Insurance.
Marriage Counselling Services 
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