Naming Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies give acknowledgement that includes and promises commitment love, guidance and care from family, and friends and the community.
A Naming Ceremony for a child can include grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunties, guardians or godparents. Your naming ceremony can include a ritual, for example a "Sand Ceremony" or the "Lighting of candles", a "Time Capsule" or something special of your own. There are many ways to symbolise this special day.
Sand Ceremony
Is the coming together or joining of two or more people or of two families into one new family. It is a very simple ritual that can be incredibly meaningful and powerful. Each person has a different coloured sand and they pour their sand into a clear container, where the layers can be seen by all. This is the representation of all who are pouring sand, becoming one.
Lighting of candles
The unity candle ceremony uses two small candles with a larger candle (called the "united candle") in the center. The parents of the child, both light their smaller candle and use their candles to jointly light a larger candle for the child. 
Time Capsule
A sealable container (Box, Tin, Glass) is used to collect momentos from those who attended the day. The container is put away for when the child turns 21 and given to them on their 21 birthday.
​Balloon Release
Balloons are released at a set time to represent the new beginning of a new life.
Water Ceremony​
Water is the giver of life and has long been considered the source of life. Water is a symbol of growth and survival, This can be part of the actual Naming of your son or daughter.
These are only a few ways a new child or family member can be recognised in a symbolic way.
To have a Naming Ceremony, call Julie. I will listen carefully to information and details of what you would like  included. After our meeting, I will draft your Naming Ceremony. When you are happy with the draft, we are ready to go!
A framed Naming Ceremony Certificate is included to remember and recognise the Naming of your baby or child. 
Vow Renewals
Renewing your wedding vows is a perfect way to put romance back in your marriage and show your husband, wife or partner, how much they mean to you. It re-affirms the comittment you made to each other a long time ago
Why not renew your vows on an anniversary date. Did you get married and not have the wedding you wanted. Renew your vows with family and friends so they can witness your love for each other.
Your ceremony can be as intimate as you like or a large celebration, it may be simple or elaborate, whatever you choose it will be perfect. There is no legal effect on those who participate
A PA System for your Ceremony, a Signing Table and 2 Chairs with Sashes or beautiful styled lecturn. 
A copy of your ceremony in a booklet.
Anniversary Names
5th: Wooden
10th: Tin
15th: Crystal
20th: China
25th: Silver
30th: Pearl
40th: Ruby
50th: Golden
60th: Diamond


Celebration of Life
I am a very compassionate and loving person who has experienced personal loss several times. If you would like to discuss a Service for your loved one, I am available at anytime for a no obligation discussion. I will come to your place of choice, or you can come to mine. I will explain to you and family what is involved and give you information so you can make a choice about what you would like and who and how you would like other family members or friends involved in the service. Eulogy, readings, poems, prayers and music makeup the service.
Call Julie on 0447409925

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