Naming Ceremonies, acknowledge and include promises of commitment, love, guidance and care from family and friends and your wider community. A naming ceremony for a child can include brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunties and uncles and friends. The ceremony can also be made up with rituals, readings, songs or anything you want to include that symbolises and adds meaning to this special day. Celebrate with a casual family gathering or a more formal affair!

You may like to include: A Sand Ceremony, a Time Capsule, Candle Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Circle Ceremony. These are only some of the types ceremonies that can be included. There are many more.
All Naming Ceremonies have a framed signed Naming Ceremony Certificate, as part of the ceremony, and as a keepsake to remember and recognise the Naming of your baby or child. This day can be as formal or as casual as you like


Renewing your wedding vows is a perfect way to put romance back in your marriage and show your husband, wife

or partner how much they mean to you by renewing and confirming your commitment to each other, in front of family and friends or privately, it is committing to each other again. This is a loving and special way to celebrate vows, you made to each other along time ago.  

Your ceremony, large or small, simple or elaborate, whatever you choose, it will be perfect.
A PA System is included for your Ceremony, and props to make the occasion are available ( Styled table and flowers)